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Another little trick that I like is to use headphones with music or a guided meditation while you are meditating.  You listen to meditative music or guided meditations and while you may still be able to hear the noises around you, but your main focus will be on the music, on your breath or on your guided meditation.  That’s really the key.  Your mind can only focus on one thing at a time.  In one day we bounce all over the place.  We listen to a conversation, move our attention to a noise, go back to a thought, whatever the distraction may be.  Meditation is about focusing on one thing and staying there, staying .

When I was at the noisy reunion that I spoke of earlier, I focused on my breath.  Even though I was still in a noisy place I could focus on my breath and tune out the noises around me.  I found the silence that the noise was created in and stayed there, concentrating on my breath.  Even though I could still sense the background noise, I was in a deep place.  You can do this too.  Wherever you are, you can make it a place to meditate.  You don’t need everything to be perfect.  Just focus on your breath, your prayer word, your mantra.  When your mind’s distracted by external noises, instead of thoughts, just get back to your breath.  If you’re in a very quiet place, your mind can be just as loud as if you were in a noisy crowd.  Don’t fight that noise, but acknowledge it and go to your breath.  Concentrate on breathing in, breathing out, slowly and deeply.

What you will find is that no matter where you are, no matter what circumstances are occurring in your life, you can still meditate each and every day.  Remember you can meditate anywhere, anytime; just be present and at peace.

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