Meditation – Mindful

That’s a perennial question that has to do with all of the things, whether it’s exercise, eating right, or not being a rage-aholic on the freeway, or a meditation practice, or any of this. The thing is, years ago, we all lived in clans—some cultures still do in some areas. We live in this delusional space a bit where we think we’re separate from our environments, and we walk around thinking, “If I just pull myself up by my bootstraps and really dig deep, I’m going to be able to create this new habit,” which some people might be able to, but the way it works is we’re actually quite in relationship all the time with our environment, and our environment, the environment around us, for most of us, doesn’t support sticking to a certain habit for your own health and Continue reading “Meditation – Mindful”

How Meditation Heals the Mind, Body and Soul

Meditation is a practice where an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content, or as an end in itself.

The term meditation refers to a broad variety of practices that includes techniques designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force (qi, ki, prana, etc.) and develop compassion, love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness. A particularly ambitious form of meditation aims at effortlessly sustained single-pointed concentration meant to enable its practitioner to enjoy an indestructible sense of well-being while engaging in any life activity.

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Train Your Mind‎

Another little trick that I like is to use headphones with music or a guided meditation while you are meditating.  You listen to meditative music or guided meditations and while you may still be able to hear the noises around you, but your main focus will be on the music, on your breath or on your guided meditation.  That’s really the key.  Your mind can only focus on one thing at a time.  In one day we bounce all over the place.  We listen to a conversation, move our attention to a noise, go back to a thought, whatever the distraction may be.  Meditation is about focusing on one thing and staying there, staying Continue reading “Train Your Mind‎”